Dreams I’ve Had in the Past Week

Aug 25 dream — The backyard of a very normal Bushwick apartment fills up with rain until it becomes a huge swimming pool 20 feet deep. Everyone clusters on the second-floor fire escape looking down into the murk. I jump in. It can’t last; the water drains.


Aug 29 dream — A packed flight to China, anxiously waiting in the airport at a LaGuardia-like gate crowded with people, brown boots continually untying in thick, sloppy ropes.


Aug 31 dream — An elaborate house on Halloween or some other festive night. The house is dark and filled with wood, but somehow modern like a Frank Gehry. The rear of the place opens up into a weird piazza, an Italianate version of a Brooklyn concrete backyard. More swimming, or the suggestion of it. A bunch of famous guests stop by the yard, including Michael Cera.

A writer about tech and culture: kylechayka.com & twitter.com/chaykak.

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