Welcome Study Hall’s New Community Organizer

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We’re pleased to announce that we have hired Stella Becerril as Study Hall’s first community organizer. Stella will be directing our efforts at organizing freelancers and our collective public statements in regard to freelancers’ relationships with publications.

Stella is based in Brooklyn via Chicago, where she contributed to organizing the Chicago Teachers Union strike of 2012 and building local Black Lives Matter movements. In 2016 she was an organizing fellow at Local 555 of the United Food and Commercial Workers in Portland, Oregon. She is a graduate of the AFL-CIO’s Organizing Institute’s organizer training program. Stella is also a freelance stylist and writer, contributing to publications like Jacobin, In These Times, and Fader.

Her work will involve reaching out to other writer organizations and unions to coordinate our efforts and producing a public report from Study Hall member survey data. Most of all, she’ll be a conduit for our members to communicate what they need to succeed in their work and a representative of our collective voice. Our subscriptions fund this necessary work of bringing freelancers together.

Stella is on Twitter @xicanaspice and you can email her about community organizing at stella@studyhall.xyz. For more information about Study Hall go to our website studyhall.xyz or email info@studyhall.xyz.


— Kyle Chayka & P.E. Moskowitz

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